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PuKou NFC Strawberry juice beverage, to a large extent, retains the fragrance and taste of the original fruit, the use of unique fresh lock technology to convert the natural resources of the day into a unique product advantage, the extracted juice is healthy and green, the application of science and technology production, excellence, from the source control product quality, welcomed by dealers.

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Fresh NFC strawberry juice combined with big strawberry pulp
PuKou NFC Strawberry juice beverage, full of smooth, smooth and tender strawberry pulp, sweet and sour moderate, accompanied by light back gan, rich layer, refreshing and not sticky, leisure drinking, give body and mind more comfortable. Drink it during work and study to relieve stress and fatigue during busy times. When drinking together with meals, a clean greasy, have to help digestion.
Rich in minerals and vitamins
Strawberry is rich in vitamin A, vitamin A has the function of improving eyesight, assisting treatment of various eye diseases, enhancing immunity, clearing free radicals, promoting growth and development, and protecting stomach and respiratory mucosa. Strawberry is a plant rich in tannic acid, which can adsorb and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals in the body, and has the effect of cancer prevention.
Fresh source of raw material
PuKou NFC Strawberry juice beverage is made of strawberries from Changfeng, China. Changfeng County is known as "the hometown of strawberries in China" and is a famous producer of high-quality strawberries in China. The local strawberry fruit is rich in bright color, smooth fruit, glossy fruit surface, large and juicy, sweet and sour medium. The taste, quality and nutritional value of the fruit are very high.
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They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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