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PuKou Strawberry Juice Drink contains NFC (non-concentrated) reduced juice. It washes the fresh raw fruit, presses out the juice, sterilizes it instantly, and then fills it directly. Retain the original fresh flavor of the fruit, without concentration and recycling. Total juice content up to 25%!

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NFC juice combined with big strawberry pulp
NFC strawberry juice drink with pulp, each can contains 5% strawberry pulp, 25% NFC juice, each drink has a soft large strawberry pulp, the flesh is soft and tender, melt in the mouth, taste sweet, sour and sweet ratio to add benefits, the taste level is distinct, bring the ultimate enjoyment to the taste buds. Delicious taste, healthy and good to drink, digestion and greasy, a good companion for meals!
Rich in minerals and vitamins
Strawberries are delicious, red and tender, with a rich aroma and a variety of nutrients such as vitamin C and carotene. They are known as the queen of fruits. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that strawberries have a sweet taste and a cool nature, and have the effects of moistening the lungs and promoting fluid production, strengthening the spleen and stomach. Eating a few strawberries after meals can help digestion and appetizing, as well as strengthening the spleen and promoting fluid production.
Fresh source of raw material
The fruit juice of PuKou fruit strawberry juice drink is Changfeng strawberry, which has long conical fruit, conical fruit, neat size, flat fruit surface, bright red color and luster; the fruit is moderately hard and elastic, and the pulp is orange red. It is dense and juicy, moderately sweet and sour, and rich in aroma. Produced by our freshness-preserving technology, you can taste its original flavor when drinking, and the tender taste of the large pulp, as if you are eating strawberries, with a unique experience.
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They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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