490 ml PUKOU Yellow Peach Juice Drink: Crunchy and juicy, full of nutrition, makes you full of energy? | PU KOU

August 25, 2023

1. The unique feature of Pukou yellow peach flavored juice drink is that it adds large pieces of real yellow peach pulp, which makes the taste of the drink more crisp and juicy, allowing people to bite down and feel the delicious taste of yellow peaches Explodes in the mouth, as if in a sea of yellow peaches. This kind of taste not only makes people feel the deliciousness of the juice in the process of drinking, but also the taste of the pulp, giving people a new eating experience.

2. The taste of Portuguese yellow peach juice drink is sweet and full of layers. It not only retains the original flavor of yellow peach, but also makes the juice taste more delicious through unique technology. Drinking this juice is like tasting the deliciousness of yellow peaches, and you can also feel the sweetness of the juice, which makes people unable to extricate themselves after one sip. In addition, the rich sugar and vitamin C in yellow peach can quickly replenish the energy of the body and make you full of vitality.

3. The raw materials of Pukou yellow peach-flavored fruit juice drinks are all freshly picked yellow peaches from Shandong, a famous yellow peach producing area in my country. Yellow peaches in Shandong are known as the "hometown of yellow peaches" because of their unique geographical environment and rich nutrition. The yellow peaches selected by Pukou have been carefully selected to ensure that each one is of high quality, thus ensuring the quality of the juice.

4. The nutritional value and efficacy of the raw material yellow peach

Yellow peaches are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals and cellulose, which can not only improve the body's immunity, protect eyesight, but also help digestion and anti-aging. In addition, the sugar and pectin in yellow peach can provide the energy needed by the body and have a moisturizing effect on the skin. It is a good product for women's beauty and beauty.

5. Quality Assurance: Pukou Yellow Peach Juice Drink has passed the IS09001 and IS022000 quality and safety system certification. Its production process is strict to ensure that each bottle of juice is of high quality. In addition, Pukou also uses advanced fresh-keeping technology to preserve the nutrition of the juice to the greatest extent, so that consumers can also consume rich nutrition while drinking.


With its crisp and juicy taste, sweet and delicious taste, fresh and high-quality raw materials, strict production process and advanced fresh-keeping technology, Pukou yellow peach flavored juice drink is undoubtedly a high-quality fruit juice drink in the market . Let's taste this juice together, feel the deliciousness of yellow peach, enjoy the coolness of summer, and welcome every day with energy!

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