Exploring the PUKOU 490ml Strawberry Flavor Juice Drink: Big pulp, tender taste, delicious and full of nutrition

August 25, 2023

1. PUKOU strawberry-flavored fruit juice drink is rich in large pulp and has a soft and smooth taste. During the production process of this beverage, the large pulp of the strawberry is specially preserved, so that consumers can feel the taste of the pulp while enjoying the deliciousness of the juice. The realization of this taste is due to the unique production technology and advanced equipment of the Pukou brand, which keeps the pulp intact and the taste during the processing.

2. PUKOU Strawberry Flavored Juice Drink tastes sweet, delicious, and relieves indigestion. Strawberry itself has a unique fruity aroma and sweetness, and through the unique modulation of the Pukou brand, this juice drink tastes sweeter and more delicious. At the same time, strawberries also have the effect of digesting food and relieving greasiness, so that you can maintain good digestion while enjoying delicious food.

3. The raw material of PUKOU Strawberry Flavor Juice Drink comes from freshly picked strawberries in Changfeng, China. Changfeng strawberry is famous for its delicious taste and rich nutritional value, and it is an ideal raw material for making juice drinks. The Pukou brand insists on using freshly picked strawberries to ensure the freshness and nutritional content of the raw materials, making the fruit juice drinks produced have higher nutritional value.

4. The production process of PUKOU Strawberry Juice Drink is strict and the quality is guaranteed. During the production process, the Pukou brand adopts advanced fresh-keeping technology, which reduces the loss of nutrition and ensures the quality of the product. At the same time, the Pukou brand also has a strict quality inspection system to ensure that each bottle of fruit juice drinks manufactured meets high-quality standards.


In general, the PUKOU Strawberry Flavored Juice Drink is loved by consumers for its large pulp, soft and smooth taste, sweet taste, delicious taste, and digestion and greasy relief. At the same time, its strict production process and quality assurance also allow consumers to eat with confidence. In the future, the Pukou brand will continue to produce high-quality products and provide consumers with more delicious choices.

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