Conditions of the agent

After 5 years, PuKou has successfully laid out its presence in the national market, transforming PuKou into a well-known beverage brand in the industry.

  • 1. Sales ability and experience
    1. Sales ability and experience
    Possess certain sales capabilities and experience, able to effectively promote and sell the products or services represented.
  • 2. Market resources
    2. Market resources
    Possess the ability to understand the market situation in the region or field, and master relevant market resources and contacts.
  • 3. Good business reputation
    3. Good business reputation
    Possess good business reputation and reputation, and can win more trust and support for the brand or enterprise.
  • 4. Financial strength
    4. Financial strength
    Possess certain financial strength and be able to bear the sales and promotion costs of the products or services being represented.
  • 5. Legal business qualification
    5. Legal business qualification
    Possess legal business qualifications and comply with relevant laws, regulations and provisions

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