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The packaging of PuKou products is stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Each bottle undergoes high-temperature pasteurization in a dust-free workshop, making it resistant to impact and suitable for refrigeration. Available in three sizes (238ml, 310ml, and 490ml), the aluminum cans cater to various occasions: 

- 490ml can: Perfect for parties or picnics, allowing you to savor the drink while enjoying quality time with friends and family. 

- 310ml can: Ideal for leisure activities or office settings, providing an energy boost that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

- 238ml can: Conveniently portable for outings or travels, reducing any burden while offering a delicious taste anytime, anywhere. 

Additionally, our juice and soda series are available in glass bottles with unique flavors that promote good health. Suitable for all age groups, they are your ultimate choice!

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