PuKou pineapple fruit juice drink:The pulp is crisp and refreshing, rich in the sweetness of the original pineapple, which tastes sweet and sour. Open the pull ring, overflowing pineapple fruit aroma with the wind, the taste of sweet and sour, crisp pineapple pulp in the mouth opened up, enjoy the vitality full of fun, fresh and refreshing, if the taste is better after freezing, let a person endless aftertaste, help you a good mood, wake up a good day, from the PuKou pineapple juice drink start! The pulp of the PuKou pineapple juice drink comes from Shenwan, the pineapple hometown of Zhongshan, China. After hand-picking, strict screening, and then processing into pineapple juice and pineapple pulp using fresh locking technology, it also brings strong and fresh fruit flavor. Taste a mouth, clear acid with sweet, balance to reach a just point, the whole sweet but not greasy, sweet and sour taste, better taste after freezing!

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