PuKou passion fruit juice drink: Taste sweet and sour, supplement your daily vitamin C; Suitable for all ages, to keep you active every day. PuKou passion fruit juice drinks are popular with the public because of their eye-catching appearance and the taste of fresh fruit juice that can be chewed and drunk. The fresh and cool feeling drives away the summer heat, the sour and sweet taste and the unique fragrance linger between the lips and teeth, can supplement vitamins, produce fluid to quench thirst, solve the greasy digestion, promote digestion, is a good choice for drinks after meals. Our passion fruit juice drinks are produced in strict accordance with the international certification ISO140001 and ISO22000 standards, layers of control inspection, the pursuit of high quality, to create a consumer recognized brand. PuKou passion fruit juice drink juice raw materials from high-quality passion fruit, by the designated pollution-free planting base output, the source can be traced, quality is more assured!

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