PuKou lychee juice drink: smells fruity, tastes sweet and full, and the pulp is crystal translucent, and the pulp is crystal translucent, from the inside out are delicious,makes people very want to taste.The wind wrapped with hot air will fill the summer, and in the summer cool and delicious drinks must be without PuKou lychee drink. Rich lychee juice sucking, chewing out a large elastic pulp, familiar taste as if eating real lychee, sweet taste on the tongue, bringing cool and comfortable, at any time to brush away the summer hot mood. The fruit pulp of PuKou lychee juice, fresh, is carefully cultivated in a professional plantation, with just the right amount of sunlight and irrigation water, so that lychee is picked in the most sweet and juicy state, and then through PuKou's unique advanced technology, to keep the pulp fresh, retain the aroma of lychee, making the taste and taste are the best.

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