PuKou strawberry juice drink tastes both sour and sweet, with distinct texture; Taste buds dance to the rhythm of the entrance, double satisfaction! We adopts scientific and advanced technology to form refreshing and chewy real fruit granules. Each process is intertwined, using exquisite craftsmanship to create high-quality fruit juice! The juice has a delicate and unique taste, with added dietary fiber to promote digestion and intestinal motility. Zero fat makes the body healthier. Drinking in a refrigerated cabinet is more refreshing, and chewing and drinking anytime and anywhere is more enjoyable! Sweet and sour refreshing taste, fat formula perfectly meet the needs of young people, greatly improve the consumption of stickiness and product repurchase rate. We have three specifications of 310ml, 490ml and 960ml respectively, which can meet the needs of consumers in multiple scenes such as individual drinking, friends drinking together, and family gatherings. It is a best-selling explosive product loved by all ages!

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