PuKou Grape juice drink - original fruit fragrance, sweet taste, wonderful chewy, full of Xinjiang Turpan sunshine taste. The taste is rich, fresh and delicate, with a distinct layered texture.We use unique production technology to maintain the original flavor and texture of the grapes, and taste fresh and tasty. Each process is strictly implemented, we must ensure safety and health, produce products that reassure and satisfy consumers, create high-quality brands, and go to the world! Grape juice beverage pulp from Xinjiang gold base, professional planting, natural maturity, green and healthy packaging is beautiful and rich in large pulp grains, full of green, fresh fruit embellished among them, making people mouthwatering, greatly stimulate the taste buds, after drinking, the fruit fragrance still reverberates between lips and teeth. It has a strong appeal to young people who "pursue taste first".

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