Fruit Juice With Pulp


PuKou juice drink have introduced a diverse range of flavors to cater to the preferences of various demographic segments. The following delineate the distinctive attributes of our popular flavors:

-Grape juice drink:Original fruit fragrance, sweet taste, wonderful chewy, full of sunshine and vitality taste.

-Strawberry juice drink:Sour and sweet, taste level is clear. Taste buds dance to the rhythm of the entrance, Double satisfaction!

-Yellow peach drink:The raw material is the most famous Chinese Shandong yellow peach. The flesh is tender, nutritious, tasty and healthy.

-Lychee juice drink:Fruit fragrant fragrant, pulp taste sweet and full, crystal and translucent pulp half transparent, from the inside out are delicious.

-Pineapple juice drink:The pulp is delightfully crisp and invigorating. Abundant in the natural sweetness of the pineapple, the flavor exhibits a harmonious blend of sweetness.

-Passion fruit juice drink:Sour and sweet and refreshing, supplement daily vitamin C. Fun for all ages, full of energy every day.

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