National Day feast, taste the colorful fruity aroma of PUKOU juice drinks

October 03, 2023

First, let’s talk about the grape flavor. Grapes are a nutritious fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals, which are of great benefit to human health. PUKOU grape juice drink fully integrates the essence of grapes. You can drink full of grape pulp in every sip, making people feel like they are in a vineyard and feel the gifts of nature.

Secondly, the yellow peach flavor is also a major feature of PUKOU juice drinks. Yellow peach is a delicious and nutritious fruit. Its rich content of vitamin C and minerals is of great help to human health. PUKOU yellow peach juice drink perfectly combines the delicious taste and rich nutrition of yellow peach, and every bite is full of happiness.

Let’s talk about the lychee flavor. Lychee is a tropical fruit with delicious taste and rich nutrition. It is known as the "King of Fruits". PUKOU lychee juice drink perfectly integrates the delicious taste from the tropics into the product, making people feel like they are in a tropical rain forest and feel the passion of nature.

Finally, let’s talk about the strawberry flavor. Strawberry is a very popular fruit. It is delicious and nutritious, especially rich in vitamin C, which has a very good skin care effect. PUKOU strawberry juice drink perfectly combines the delicious taste of strawberries with rich nutrition. Both adults and children will love this delicious taste.

During National Day and family dinners, PUKOU juice drinks are undoubtedly a very good choice. It is not only delicious and nutritious, but also healthy and safe. Both the elderly and children can drink it with confidence. On this festive day, let us taste the colorful fruity aroma of PUKOU juice drinks and celebrate the National Day together.


PUKOU juice drink, with its unique taste and rich nutrition, has become an excellent drink for the National Day family banquet. Whether you like the fragrance of grapes, the deliciousness of yellow peaches, the tropical flavor of lychees, or the sweetness of strawberries, PUKOU juice drinks can meet your needs. Let us feel the joy of National Day and taste the beauty of life through PUKOU juice drinks.

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