PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink—a unique delicacy from Xinjiang

September 27, 2023

1. Taste: Endless aftertaste of grape aroma

PUKOU grape-flavored juice drinks are made from grapes from Xinjiang, which have plump fruits, rich flavor and are rich in nutrients. In the production process of juice, advanced juice extraction technology is used to fully retain the original flavor of the grapes. When you take your first sip of this juice, you will feel like you are in a vineyard, and you can feel the rich grape aroma filling your mouth, leaving you with an endless aftertaste.

2. Taste: full and juicy, unique taste

The taste of PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink is very unique. It is different from the single taste of other juice drinks on the market, but has a rich layered texture. This is mainly due to the large pulp that is rich in grape juice. These pulp particles are plump and rich in water, making the juice richer in taste. When you take a sip of PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink, it feels like you are tasting delicious grapes, letting you immerse yourself in this wonderful taste.

3. Smell: As if you are in a vineyard

The aroma of PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink is also a major feature of it. During the production process, a unique fermentation process is used to make the charming fruity aroma of the grape juice more intense. When you open a bottle of PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink, the fresh grape aroma will hit your nostrils, as if you are in a vineyard. This fragrance not only makes people feel happy, but also evokes people's yearning for nature.

4. Raw materials: freshly picked from Xinjiang

The raw materials of PUKOU grape-flavored juice drinks are selected from Xinjiang grape varieties. The unique geographical location here has sufficient sunshine and moderate rainfall, which is very suitable for the growth of grapes. Moreover, Xinjiang has a long history of grape cultivation and rich planting experience and technology. During the ripening season of the grapes, fresh picking is adopted to ensure the freshness of the raw materials, thus making the juice drinks more delicious.

5. Nutritional value: the first choice for healthy drinks

PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink not only has a unique taste, but is also rich in nutritional value. Grapes are rich in vitamins, minerals, pectin and other nutrients, which are of great benefit to human health. Taking a sip of PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink will not only satisfy your taste buds, but also provide rich nutrients to the body.


PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink has become a high-profile health drink on the market with its unique taste, rich nutrition and charming aroma. It not only satisfies people's demand for delicious food, but also brings people a healthy lifestyle. In this age where health is paramount, PUKOU grape-flavored juice drink is undoubtedly a good product worth recommending.

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