Explore PUKOU's NFC series of juices, 238ML Portuguese pulp juice small cans, leading a new trend in health

September 26, 2023

1. NFC original juice, locking in freshness and nutrition

PUKOU's NFC series of juices use NFC original juice technology to cold-press fresh fruits, retaining the original flavor and rich nutrients of the fruits. Compared with traditional juice, NFC juice has a more delicious taste and richer nutrients, and does not add any chemical ingredients, making it truly healthy and natural.

2. The juice content is as high as 25% to meet the taste needs

In the market, many juice drinks tend to have lower juice content in order to reduce costs. PUKOU's NFC series of juices have a juice content of up to 25%, allowing consumers to feel the rich taste of the juice during the tasting process, which not only satisfies the pursuit of delicious taste, but also provides sufficient nutrition for the body.

3. Add real large pulp to make the taste more chewy

During the production process of PUKOU company's NFC series juice, real large fruit pulp is deliberately added. These pulps come from high-quality fruits and undergo strict screening and processing to ensure the taste and quality of the pulp. When consumers taste NFC series juice, they can not only feel the refreshing taste of the juice, but also taste the chewy texture of the pulp, making the taste richer.

4. The fruity aroma is fuller and the aftertaste is endless.

PUKOU Company's NFC series of juices adopt a unique process during the production process, fully retaining the original aroma of the fruit. When consumers taste the juice, they can feel the full fruity aroma, as if they are in an orchard. This fruity aroma can not only arouse people's yearning for nature, but also make people enjoy a pleasant mood during the tasting process.

5. 238ML small tank, easy to carry, enjoy health anytime, anywhere

In order to allow consumers to enjoy healthy juice anytime and anywhere, PUKOU Company has specially launched a 238ML small tank of Pukou pulp juice. This small tank has a compact design and is easy to carry. Whether it is placed in a bag or carried with you, it can easily meet consumers' needs for tasting juice on various occasions.

6. Healthy juice, leading the new trend of fashionable life

As people's pace of life accelerates, more and more consumers are paying attention to healthy eating. With its healthy concept, unique taste and high-quality pulp, PUKOU's NFC series of juices have become the first choice for consumers pursuing a healthy life. In a busy life, taking a sip of PUKOU's NFC series of juices can not only replenish energy but also enjoy delicious food, truly achieving the perfect combination of health and taste.

Summary: PUKOU's NFC series of juices, especially the 238ML Pukou pulp juice small cans, have become a new trend in the juice market with their healthy concept, unique taste and high-quality pulp. In the future development, we look forward to PUKOU Company being able to bring more healthy and delicious products to consumers, so that people can enjoy more beautiful time in their busy lives.

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