PUKOU launches new NFC series of juice products, a new healthy and delicious choice

September 26, 2023

As a new juice product that is popular in the market, the 320ML Portuguese pulp juice slimming can has won the favor of consumers with its unique taste and rich nutrition. The juice content is as high as 25%, containing NFC original juice and original fruit extraction, with a refreshing taste. In order to meet consumers' higher requirements for taste, Pukou pulp juice slimming cans are added with real large pulp to make the taste chewier and the fruity aroma more filling.

So, what is NFC? NFC is the abbreviation of "Not From Concentrate" in English, which means "without concentration" in Chinese. In the traditional juice production process, in order to increase the shelf life of the juice, it is usually necessary to concentrate the juice and then add water to reduce it. NFC juice, on the other hand, directly squeezes fresh fruits into juice without going through the concentration process, so it tastes more delicious and has higher nutritional value.

As a brand new juice product, Pukou Pulp Juice Slimming Can not only has the advantages of NFC, but also achieves breakthroughs in taste and nutrition. First of all, adding real large pulp allows consumers to feel the taste of the pulp while tasting the juice, which increases the layering of the juice. Secondly, the original fruit extraction technology is used to make the juice more pure in taste and more fruity in aroma. Finally, the juice content is as high as 25%, which meets consumers’ dual needs for juice taste and nutrition.

In the current market, there are a dazzling array of juice products, and consumers are becoming more and more picky about their choice of juices. However, whether it is from the perspective of taste, nutrition or health, Pukou pulp juice slimming can is undoubtedly a product worth recommending. This new juice product not only meets consumers' needs for delicious taste, but also wins the favor of consumers with its healthy concept.

Today, when healthy eating has become a hot topic, PUKOU has launched this new juice product with both taste and nutrition, relying on its keen market acumen and strong R&D capabilities. We have reason to believe that Pukou pulp juice slimming cans will become a new trend in the healthy juice market, bringing consumers new healthy and delicious choices.

In general, the launch of PUKOU's new NFC series of juice products has undoubtedly injected new vitality into the juice market. With its unique taste and rich nutrition, it satisfies consumers' pursuit of healthy eating and also provides us with more new knowledge about juice. In the future, we look forward to PUKOU Company being able to bring more healthy and delicious products to satisfy consumers’ pursuit of high-quality life.

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