PUKOU brand NFC juice drink: a healthy and delicious new choice

September 15, 2023

First, let’s understand what NFC Juice is. NFC is the abbreviation of Not From Concentrate, which means "without concentration and reduction" in Chinese. This is an advanced juice production process. Compared with the traditional juice production process, NFC juice does not undergo high temperature treatment and concentration during the production process, so it can retain the nutrients and taste of the fruit to the greatest extent. The PUKOU brand of NFC juice drinks takes this technology to the extreme.

Each can of PUKOU brand NFC juice drink contains 5% strawberry pulp and 25% NFC juice, which makes the drink rich in fruit nutrition and mellow pulp taste. Strawberry pulp is rich in vitamins C, E and a variety of minerals, which has whitening and moisturizing effects on the skin and can also improve immunity. NFC juice retains the natural fructose in the fruit, has a sweet taste, and is naturally silky, bringing a different kind of pleasure to the taste buds.

It is worth mentioning that PUKOU brand NFC juice drinks strictly control the sugar and calorie intake during the production process, ensuring both taste and health. This is undoubtedly an excellent choice for consumers who want to enjoy delicious food but are worried about gaining weight.

In addition, PUKOU brand NFC juice drinks have a unique effect after being chilled. The chilled juice drink tastes more refreshing, which not only relieves heat and quenches thirst, but also helps digestion. For those hot summer days, ice-cold PUKOU brand NFC juice drinks are a sure treat.

In general, PUKOU brand NFC juice drinks bring consumers a new experience with their rich nutritional ingredients, mellow pulp taste and refreshing icing effect. It not only satisfies people's pursuit of delicious food, but also takes into account health needs. In the days to come, I believe that PUKOU brand NFC juice drinks will become the choice of more consumers and add more color to our lives.

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