PUKOU juice drinks lead a new trend of healthy drinks

September 12, 2023

1. Originated from professional planting base, green and healthy

The biggest feature of PUKOU brand juice drinks is that they are rich in fresh real fruit pulp, with a unique taste and rich and diverse flavors. So where does this delicious pulp come from? The answer is fresh fruits from professional growing bases. The grapes, yellow peaches, lychees, strawberries and other raw materials used in PUKOU brand juice drinks all come from professional planting bases in my country. These bases are naturally cultivated without ripening or pollution, ensuring the quality and taste of the fruits.

2. Natural cultivation, no ripening, both taste and quality guaranteed

Natural cultivation is crucial during the growth of fruit. Because only natural growth can allow fruits to fully absorb sunlight, rain, dew and nutrients in the soil, thus ensuring their taste and quality. PUKOU brand juice drinks adopt this principle, starting from the source to ensure that every fruit is naturally cultivated. At the same time, PUKOU brand juice drinks resolutely resist chemicals such as ripening agents, allowing consumers to taste the purest and healthiest fruits.

3. Green and healthy, strict quality control system

For a juice drink, green health is its most basic requirement. In order to ensure the green and health of PUKOU brand juice drinks, manufacturers strictly follow national standards during the production process, and carry out strict quality control in every link from raw material selection, production and processing to finished product packaging. In addition, PUKOU brand juice drinks also adopt advanced production technology to ensure that the nutrients in the fruit are fully retained, allowing consumers to enjoy delicious food while also supplementing their bodies with nutrients.

4. Unique taste and rich and diverse flavors

In addition to being green and healthy, the taste of PUKOU brand juice drinks is also a highlight. During the production process, PUKOU brand juice drinks adopt a unique production process to make the fruit taste richer and more diverse. For example, grape juice drinks have both the sweetness of grapes and the refreshing taste of pulp; yellow peach juice drinks have both the deliciousness of yellow peaches and the smoothness of pulp. Such a rich taste makes consumers feel like they are in an orchard and enjoying the gifts of nature when tasting PUKOU brand juice drinks.


In short, PUKOU brand juice drinks have become the best choice for consumers' health drinks due to their green and healthy features, unique taste, and rich and diverse flavors. In the future, PUKOU brand juice drinks will continue to adhere to the concept of "natural, green and healthy", provide consumers with more high-quality products, and lead the new healthy trend in the juice drink market. Let us look forward to together, PUKOU brand juice drinks can create more brilliance in the future!

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