PUKOU 490ml orange flavored juice drink - full of taste and nutrition

September 04, 2023

PUKOU brand's 490ml orange-flavored juice drink has a moderately sweet and sour taste. In terms of taste, it is neither too sweet nor too sour, but the ratio of sweet and sour is cleverly blended together, with clear layers and endless aftertaste. You can taste the sweetness and sourness of oranges in every bite, allowing you to find a touch of fresh fun in your tired life.

The raw materials of PUKOU brand's 490ml orange flavored juice drink are all fresh oranges from Guangdong region of my country. Guangdong has an advantageous geographical location and a warm and humid climate, which is suitable for the growth of oranges. Therefore, the oranges here are not only fresh, but also rich in nutritional value and delicious in taste. We insist on using fresh and high-quality raw materials and aim to provide consumers with the purest orange-flavored juice drinks.

Oranges, known as "good fruit for curing diseases", are rich in vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber and other nutrients. Regular consumption of oranges can not only supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, but also help digestion, promote metabolism, and enhance immunity. In addition, oranges also have various physiological activities such as antioxidant, anti-allergy, and anti-inflammatory, which are of great benefit to human health.

The PUKOU brand has strict control over the production process of its products, and strives to be the best in every aspect from the selection of raw materials to production. We have introduced advanced fresh-locking technology, which can retain the nutrients of the juice to the greatest extent and reduce nutrient loss. We believe that only high-quality products can win the trust of consumers. We promise that every bottle of PUKOU brand orange juice drink is a guarantee of quality.

PUKOU brand’s 490ml orange-flavored juice drink is a high-quality juice with full taste and rich nutrition. We insist on using fresh and high-quality raw materials, adopting advanced production technology, and strive to provide consumers with the best products. Let us enjoy the deliciousness of oranges and feel the beauty of life together.

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