[New Product Tasting] PUKOU Brand Yellow Peach Flavor Juice Beverage: Not only a beverage, but also a commitment to heal

September 01, 2023

1、 Product characteristics: Added yellow peach kernels for a richer taste

The biggest feature of PUKOU brand's yellow peach flavor juice beverage is the addition of yellow peach fruit granules. These fruit grains not only enrich the taste of the beverage, but also allow consumers to taste the taste of yellow peaches while enjoying the delicious juice, which is really killing two birds with one stone.

2、 Sweet and delicious, leaving a lasting aftertaste

The yellow peach flavored juice beverage of PUKOU brand has been loved by consumers for its sweet and delicious taste. The raw material used in this drink is freshly picked Shandong yellow peaches, ensuring the freshness and taste of the ingredients, making the drink more delicious.

3、 Raw material: Freshly harvested Shandong yellow peaches, with richer nutrition

Shandong Huangtao is known as the "Hometown of Huangtao" due to its unique geographical environment and rich nutrition. The PUKOU brand's Huangtao flavored juice beverage uses Shandong Huangtao, ensuring the nutritional value of the beverage.

4、 The nutritional value and efficacy of the raw material yellow peach

Huangtao is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, etc. It has various effects such as antioxidant, anti-aging, and visual protection. In addition, yellow peaches also contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which helps digestion and bowel movements.

5、 Can chew while drinking, deeply loved by consumers

The PUKOU brand's yellow peach flavored juice beverage is not only drinkable but also chewable. This is because the yellow peach kernels in the beverage allow consumers to enjoy the delicious taste of the juice while also tasting the taste of the yellow peach, increasing the enjoyment of consumption.

Overall, the PUKOU brand's yellow peach flavored juice beverage is not only a beverage, but also a commitment to health. It is deeply loved by consumers due to its unique taste and rich nutrition. Whether in your spare time or leisure time, having a bottle of PUKOU brand yellow peach flavored juice drink is a wonderful enjoyment.

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