PUKOU 310ml lychee flavored juice drink: the perfect blend of chewy and sweet

September 01, 2023

1. The product features added coconut kernels, which have a chewy taste

The unique feature of PUKOU brand's lychee flavored juice drink lies in the addition of coconut seeds, making the drink more rich and chewy in taste. When you take a sip, not only can you feel the sweetness of lychee, but you can also taste the elasticity of coconut kernels, as if dancing a delicious dance in your mouth.

2. The taste is fragrant and sweet, with an endless aftertaste

The PUKOU brand's lychee flavored juice drink uses freshly picked lychee from Guangdong, China. Its flesh is full and the taste is sweet. After careful processing, the taste of the juice drink is more pure, making it unforgettable after a sip.

3. The raw material is artificially fresh picked lychee, from Guangdong, China

Litchi, known as the "king of fruits", has rich nutritional value and many benefits for the human body. The PUKOU brand's lychee flavored juice beverage uses fresh lychees from Guangdong, China, all of which are manually picked to ensure the freshness and taste of the lychees.

4. Nutritional value and efficacy of raw lychee

Lychee, rich in various nutrients such as vitamin C, protein, fat, and carbohydrates, has effects on the human body such as nourishing the brain, promoting intelligence, strengthening the stomach and reducing digestion, and relieving thirst and promoting fluid production. Eating lychees regularly can improve the body's immune system and also help improve symptoms such as insomnia and forgetfulness.

5. Can chew while drinking, deeply loved by consumers

The PUKOU brand's lychee flavored juice beverage is not only drinkable but also chewable, allowing consumers to experience the pleasure of chewing while enjoying delicious food. Therefore, the PUKOU brand's lychee flavored juice beverage is deeply loved by consumers.

Overall, the PUKOU brand's lychee flavored juice beverage is deeply loved by consumers due to its unique taste, sweet taste, and rich nutritional value. Drinking a PUKOU brand lychee flavored juice drink is an excellent enjoyment, whether it's in your spare time or during leisure time. Let's taste this gift from nature together and feel the beauty of life!

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