Pukou is united as a soldier to help Henan, and Pukou Beverages will be with you

August 25, 2023

"The heroic spirit of heaven and earth is still awe-inspiring for thousands of years." "A promising nation cannot live without heroes. In recent years, the achievements of our country in all aspects are inseparable from the dedication of these military heroes. Today's independence, national prosperity, and a sense of security in our hearts.

Various Chinese miracles that make the Chinese people proud - such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which has seven of the world's most; The world's largest intelligent terminal; the energy artery west-east gas transmission project; the back of the moon that only Chinese can see; China's water scale that turns the Dubai desert into a granary...China's power is not only reflected in the prosperity and strength of our motherland, but also in military strength , It is also reflected in the national cohesion of the Chinese people that "one party is in trouble, all parties support, and unite as one".

During this period of time, the disaster in Zhengzhou affected the hearts of the people of the whole country. The rainstorm is ruthless, but there is love in the world. In this flood relief, China has once again interpreted that mutual help is the indestructible Chinese power. "Soldiers of the People's Liberation Army, armed police officers and soldiers, and rescue teams from various provinces, wherever there is difficulty, the people's army can be seen wherever they are. Various enterprises and social organizations are doing their best to help the disaster-stricken areas in Henan to tide over the adversity.

Guangdong Pukou is one of the companies that participated in the rescue. Its loving materials arrived in the disaster-stricken area of Henan overnight. The national sales staff of the company also teamed up to go to the forefront of flood control

According to the person in charge of Pukou, the first batch of materials they organized left Guangdong on the morning of July 22 and arrived in Zhengzhou on the evening of July 24. At the same time, Guangdong Pukou Beverage organized a total of 3 truckloads of clothes, tents, and drinks in Shandong to rush to Xinxiang. On the night of July 24th, three trucks loaded with supplies set off from Shandong and arrived in Xinxiang at 3:00 am on the 25th. "We first left a truck for the Red Cross in Xinxiang City, and then rushed to Weihui, where the disaster was the worst. At this moment , We are distributing supplies in Huixian County.” Yin Jing told reporters that among the two batches of supplies, there were 24,000 drinks worth 2 million yuan, 500 clothes, 2,000 aprons, 500 umbrellas, and 500 tents. Yin Jing said that at present, the third batch of supplies from Portugal is also on its way to Xinxiang.

So far, Guangdong-Dongdong Pukou Beverage has donated materials worth more than one million yuan to the Xinxiang Red Cross, Weihui County, and Hui County. The person in charge of Pukou said in an interview with reporters, "Although we are not a big company, the disaster-stricken area in Henan is also a part of our motherland, and there are also our colleagues in the disaster-stricken area. Our company's sales workers from all over the country have rushed to Henan In the Xinxiang area, supplies were sent to the victims. Through this assistance, we have also done our part. I hope we can get well soon and tide over the difficulties together.

In this torrential rain, there are life arks built by countless flesh and blood, and the empathy among the people is the power that can overcome all suffering. During this rush to aid, Pukou deeply felt that "you can always believe in China's Chinese power. In the future, Pukou will also internalize this spiritual power into the spirit of enterprise, carry forward the spiritual core of the country's mutual help, and treat the people like national soldiers and soldiers. Put interests first and be a responsible enterprise; maintain a lofty sense of mission and a strong sense of responsibility for the nation, and strive to closely integrate enterprise development with national prosperity, national prosperity, and people's happiness, and take the initiative to take responsibility for the country and serve the people. At the same time, Pukou will also actively innovate on the track of the large fruit fruit juice beverage industry, leading the development of the industry; leading the company to forge ahead and fight bravely.

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