Pukou made donations to tide over difficulties with Henan and fight against natural disasters

August 24, 2023

On July 20, extremely rare heavy rainfall hit Henan, and Zhengzhou and other places experienced waterlogging and heavy rain. The lives of local people and transportation were seriously affected. Emergency rescue, donations and rush to help... appear frequently in people's eyes, and the people of the whole country are concerned about Henan. In times of crisis, Pukou immediately organized supplies and rushed to rescue. In the face of various emergencies in the disaster area, Pukou spared no effort. A large number of fruit juices and drinks quickly arrived at various temporary resettlement sites, and distributed healthy drinks to the affected citizens in need. Bring aid to the people's soldiers who are fighting on the front line.


In this rush to aid, Pukou brought its most proud products to support Henan. Fruit juice drinks with various flavors are delicious and healthy, suitable for all ages. As a CCTV advertising brand, the products endorsed by the famous film and television star Che Xiao are also authoritative guarantees in terms of safety and health, giving brothers and compatriots in Henan the confidence and strength to overcome natural disasters.


Guangdong Pukou was established in 2018, focusing on the development of fruit juice drinks with large pulp and granules. It took only 2 years to become a word-of-mouth product among consumers. Pukou products enjoy a number of product patents and are the first new category of pulp juice in China. Each can of Portuguese beverage produced has pulp, and is picked in the original ecology, truly "drinking Portuguese, delicious taste". Relying on high-quality product control and special research on healthy drinks, in 2021, Pukou Guoli Juice won many honorary titles such as "AAA Quality and Trustworthy Enterprise", "3.15 Integrity, Self-discipline and Consumer Assurance Unit".


Pukou not only actively responded to Henan's aid, but also gave full play to the national policy of helping and supporting farmers in terms of enterprise innovation, helping fruit farmers to promote high-quality fruits to the whole country, not only helping fruit farmers solve the problem of unsalable products, but also promoting agricultural and industrial development. The product economy is realized; it also allows consumers to taste the characteristics of fruits from all over the world with the innovative way of fruit juice drinks.

When one party is in trouble, all directions support! There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only mortals who stand up! And Pukou actively becomes one of these figures who come forward! Natural disasters are merciless, but Pukou has love. In the rush to aid, Pukou's strength demonstrates the social responsibility and responsibility of an enterprise, which is also consistent with Pukou's development philosophy of mindfulness and altruism. Finally, Pukou pays tribute to the brave and united citizens and the people's soldiers who are on the front line for disaster relief!

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